Trumpet Vine (Campsis Radicans)

campsisA hardy beautiful tropical looking vine that attracts humming birds? Whats wrong with that?  This gorgeous plant has a mind of its own and goes where it wants. At about 25′-30′ full size, roots close to your deck?  Trouble! Close to your foundation? Trouble!  I have seen suckers coming up 20′ from the mother plant!  And if you want to get rid of one?  Well gotta cut it down and either pull out or spray with chemicals any part that comes back.  This can take YEARS!  So if you must have one put it in the middle of nowhere so you can mow over any suckers that pop up. And remember you’ll have it forever!   I do have 2 ‘Flava (a yellow one) and ‘Flamenco (A red one) on 4×4 post.  If its still there… (The trumpet vine has completely covered any remains of that.)

Zones 4-10


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