The King Of Spades

king of spadesA good shovel is a must when you garden.  I have had so many shovels break on me.  I have since found the King of Spades.  This shovel is made right here in the U.S.A. and is made from steel- Every part except the foot pad.

These spades work well for every garden task,  planting, weeding, trench edging and beyond. The blades are self sharpening and can cut through larger tree roots with ease.  The all steel construction allows easy removing of large shrubs.  You can literally stand on it to gain the force and leverage needed.

Such a great shovel, but It would be nice to have a version that is a bit longer for a taller person myself.  They do make a longer spade, but it has a straight handle instead of the D handle, and doesn’t have a metal handle either.  Also all of their spades come with only 1 foot pad. Which is kinda a pain if you like to dig with both feet.

The King of Spade is a bit pricey at about $90-$100 but will pay itself in no time. Extra $10 for another foot pad… BUY 1! Thank me later!  You buy this shovel and you are set for life… Unless you happen to loose it!  And with all the effort and stress it will save, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t make the purchase sooner.

One thought on “The King Of Spades

  1. Trisha

    Jon, I bought one, and im thanking you now 😀 LOVE my king of spades! Before I bought this thing, youd never catch me spending that money on a shovel, after all you could get one at the hardware store for a fraction of the price. But im so glad i did! It does all the hard work without missing a beat. Its the only shovel I use in my garden now!


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