Succlent Container pt. 2

After my first succulent container I wasn’t planing on making another so soon. But a random drive found Trish and I at We Grow Dreams, and Everything was on sale. So I had to wake her up from her nap and check it out.

A few strolls around the greenhouse I knew it was time again to make a container.  This time I used some old fence boards that we found on the side of the road for the box.  Then using a blowtorch I charred the box.

Whats in this container?  Towards the back left we have the Paddle plant (Kalanchoe ‘Fantastic) – Front, right a black aloe (Black Gem?) – Back, center growing all jaggedddedely…. The mother of thousands, actually a baby from mother of thousands (Kalanchoe daigremontiana)  that rooted in the aloe pot at the nursery. (I love freebies) – And front, left is my favorite trailing plant, baby tears blue moon.  (Pilea glauca ‘Blue moon)

DSC_0059 (Medium)

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