My First Bonsai

Before I met Trish, the only thing I knew of bonsai was from that wax on wax off movie.  And that they were super sacred and I would have to plant it on the side of a mountain so no vandals will destroy it.

Helping her trim her bonsai’s and watching them grow really made me want one!  So one day we decided to go out and make a few.  A trip to Menards yielded me a very nice Soft Serve Chamaecyparis.  At a good price of about $10 I weighed the option of just keeping it as a shrub and planting it out in my yard.  I figured what the hell, if I mess up, loosing $10 wouldn’t kill me, and plus my yard is so full of plants I just don’t know where I would have put it.

So I went at it, all cutting, dicing, chopping, bending, and wiring.  There were a few moments where I was thinking what did I do to this poor shrub?  The plant gods must have been on my side though, because I love how it turned out.


After I potted my first bonsai in this cool box I actually got to make, I needed something more.  So you guessed it, another bonsai.  This little baby bonsai was actually a cutting Trish rooted of one of her first bonsais!  A rock and some chicks (Hens and chicks Sempervirens) and a path to the rock made out of pine bark mulch finished the project.

This first bonsai has inspired me to keep going… And going… And going.. Now every time I am in that clearance section and see those sad looking evergreens, I think BONSIA! Tonight I found a perfect next candidate a Thuja Rheingold, that’s a arborvitae for all them non-plant snobs.

One thought on “My First Bonsai

  1. Trisha

    haha this post is hilarious. Your bonsai is great! Honestly, no bs, the best bonsai we have. Bonsai is addictive no doubt! You have a knack for a lot of things. This is definitely one of them. Cant wait to see more from you.


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