Hardy Garden Mums

Everyone knows of the mums.  These are truly hardy mums.  Chances are you wont see this for sale in the fall either.  Unlike the mass produced mums that are everywhere in the fall, these will come back year after year and they only get more impressive.  Here is a short list of the best

DSC_0444 (Medium).

Clara Curtis – This one seems to bloom 2 or 3 times per year for me. Pink daisy like flowers.  Late spring, summer, and fall.  About 2-2.5′ tall.

Sheffield – About 3′ tall with large pink daisy like flowers September-Frost.

Mary Stoker- 2-3′ tall with orange/yellow daisy like blooms.  September-Heavy frost.  Mine keeps the flowers with red foliage after light frost.

Venus- Pinkish daisy like flowers.  I lost this one, choked out by other plants.

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