Chameleon Plant (Houttuynia cordata)


This is a plant that I see for sale EVERYWHERE!  I always think that there needs to be a law created for people that sell these plants.  Every time a plant like this is for sale it needs a huge warning on it.  It should be posted…

“Warning this plant is known to cause constant diggin to remove, and will eventually take over your yard.”

Ok so don’t plant it in the ground?  Maybe I can use it for containers?  Wrong!  This plant also will pop up from seed.

Once you have this plant it is VERY hard to remove.  Traveling rapidly by underground runners all the way through your garden and other plants, you have to use a broad leaf weed killer on it.  When trying to dig it out, ANY piece of root left in the soil will grow a new plant.

Plant can be mowed down to soil level, then once the plant is coming back spay with 24-D.  Then wait 2 weeks and spay again.  Next lay a carpet of newspaper down about 10 sheets thick.  Then use a thick layer (3-5″) of wood chips.  Wait a full year before planting any new plants in this area.

Zones 4-9

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