Bonsai #2

DSC_0226 (Medium)   Ok, this might have turned out more into a mini-garden with a bonsai tree in it, but non-the less its awesome.  For the box I torched all the sides till they were on fire.  Put it out, sanded with some fine grit sandpaper.  The bonsai is  a Thuja occidentalis ‘Rheingold’ (Arborvitae). DSC_0227 (Medium)

I used some Pilea Blue Moon to wrap up the trunks of the bonsai tree.  A mini Cotoneaster in the corner.  Some sedums, semperviren to soften the appearance.  And a Artemisia Silver Mound bonsai as a small evergreen looking shrub and for a touch of blue.DSC_0228 (Medium)

Path is made out of crushed limestone.  I dug the dirt out about 1-1.5 ” filled with the crush limestone and compacted with my finger.  DSC_0229 (Medium)

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