A New Look To An Old Path


Believe it or not this path didn’t always look this nice.  Before I completed this little project the cement stones were badly sunken into the ground, and covered with mud.  So, I got out my wheel barrow, spade, and scoop shovel.  Now I had the orange rocks in containers under my porch.  They have been sitting there for many, many, many long years. 



So, first things first… I pulled up all of the concrete stepping stones.  Made a nice large pile of them.  Then I edged the path on both sides.  Next I dug up 2″ of soil, this was the most compacted soil I have ever worked with.  The shovel fulls of dirt resembled bricks more than soil!   Next I busted out the weed fabric.  This stuff does actually have a good use… Under paths.  With the weed fabric underneath the path it will prevent the smaller rocks from sinking into the soil.  Making them last many more years. The next step was to place the concrete steppers back into place, then dump loads of the orange rock in piles right on top of them.  Got the broom and swept them into place.  Then a quick weeding of the garden bed, and then I applied some preen to the patch and the garden bed. 


Picture Now when I dug up the steppers, I had a lot more then needed to make this path look good.  So whats next?  Well, I am going to put a fork in and have the other path lead into my back yard, through a arbor.  Or I may make a path from the other set of stairs to the back yard.  The possibilities are endless!  And these materials are now being used and not wasted. 5-2-2011 This path was created. Updates coming soon.

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